Auto-healing data protection

Calamu Protect™ is a scalable, automated data protection platform that enables you to effectively ignore data breaches. Your data becomes valueless to cyber attackers, and automatically heals after a breach. Welcome to a new era of data resilience.

Calamu Protect is currently in beta.

Make valuable data totally valueless to hackers.

When a file is processed through Calamu Protect, the data is encrypted, fragmented, and scattered to multiple storage locations. Your data is able to withstand any data breach, and cyber attackers get only valueless fragments.

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Get instant auto-healing data.

Calamu Protect is constantly monitoring for suspicious data anomalies within the storage locations that make up your data harbor. If detected, the compromised location is sequestered and your data harbor auto-heals instantly utilizing built-in redundancies. Attackers get nothing but valueless fragments, and your environment is restored without costly data loss or downtime.

Fear is no longer a factor.

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Protect data from theft or exfiltration

With Calamu Protect your data becomes valueless to cyber attackers, protecting your business from data theft and extortion.

recover data

Recover from data breaches instantaneously

Patented auto-healing technology ensures your data is always available with instant recovery from a data breach.

prevent analytics

Prevent public cloud analytics on your data

Calamu Protect doesn’t store a complete file in any one location, giving you full control over who can view your data—even if subpoenaed.


Improve processing performance

Calamu Protect doesn’t rely on continuous backups or mirroring. Instead, advanced compression and processing allow you to save on performance costs.

Simplify compliance.

In a Calamu Protect safe data harbor, no third party, including a public cloud or storage location, has access to the data – even if subpoenaed.

Your data becomes jurisdiction-independent, meeting escalating compliance regulations in addition to being secure and resilient.

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Why Calamu Protect?

Created by leading experts in
cybersecurity and data privacy

Go beyond the breach with
patented auto-healing fragment technology

Solves problems that encryption and backups alone cannot: data exfiltration, data manipulation, data loss and downtime.

Easily Implemented

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Works with all major public cloud providers and on-premise solutions.

Flexible architecture enables protection of data stored in Amazon, Azure, Google Cloud, or on-premises.

Easily Managed

Configure storage environments, add data sources, manage users, and monitor the health of your data through a highly secure and intuitive interface.

Globally Compliant

SCHREMS-II, and more

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