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Next-Gen, Ransomware-Safe, Data Protection

Protect data across end-user devices, servers, and cloud workloads with unprecedented resilience.

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Geo-Fragmented Storage for Superior Protection

Calamu Protect automatically fragments data across multiple separate storage locations while at-rest, an environment called a data harbor, which instantly nullifies the impact of a data breach or ransomware attack.

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Protects against data theft and extortion. Fragmented data is worthless to cyber attackers.

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Automatically self-heals from cyber attacks. Data remains available as if nothing happened.

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Meets data privacy regulations. Geo-fragmented storage enables compliance with international laws and standards.

Calamu Drive™

For User Workstations and Devices

Calamu Drive works seamlessly with existing employee data and document workflows using Windows File Explorer or macOS Finder. It’s transparent to users that files are being protected in a virtual data harbor, safe from ransomware and evolving threats.

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Seamless and transparent for users

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Complies with existing data governance policies

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Authorized users can access their files from anywhere

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Supports SSO, and Active Directory

Calamu Connectors™

For Server and Cloud Workload Protection

Calamu Connectors provide nearly unlimited access to a data harbor, whether you’re protecting data in an Amazon S3 bucket, on local servers, or database snapshots. Calamu Connectors extend the security and resilience of Calamu Protect across the enterprise.

How Calamu Connectors™ works
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Brings protection to data anywhere in the cloud or on-premises

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Uses a fully containerized architecture via Docker or Kubernetes

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Adds resistance to ransomware and supply chain attacks

Calamu Console™

Complete Administrative Control

Calamu Console enables you to configure storage environments, manage users, and monitor data health in a highly secure and intuitive interface. Calamu Console makes implementation fast and easy, while providing critical usage analytics and notifying you of any suspicious data anomalies.

Calamu dashboard

for the Enterprise.


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