Data protection

Calamu is reinventing data protection by using patented technology to create a safe "data harbor" which eliminates the risk of breaches and ransomware attacks altogether.

Never worry about ransomware again.

With Calamu your data is auto-healing, making ransomware meaningless.

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Protect data with global compliance.

Calamu enables jurisdiction-independent data for simplified compliance.

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Store data in the cloud with confidence.

Calamu lets you fully realize the cloud storage efficiencies without worry.

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Traditional data security solutions don’t solve the underlying problem.

Despite major increases in data security spending, ransomware and other threats are increasing. Solutions like encryption and backups alone aren’t enough to protect your data:


increase in ransomware and exfiltration attacks over last two years

16.2 Days

the average amount of downtime caused by a ransomware attack


of companies infected with ransomware were running up-to-date endpoint protection


Introducing Calamu Protect™

Calamu Protect is a scalable, automated data protection platform that allows organizations to easily control and protect data at-rest with total confidence.


Turns your data into valueless fragments


Scatters data fragments across multiple locations


Detects suspicious data anomalies automatically


Auto-heals your data with built-in redundancies

We make data breaches irrelevant.

Calamu Protect doesn’t try to block hackers. Instead, it renders any data breach, exfiltration attempt or data manipulation meaningless.

calamu data fragmentation

Worry-free data security.

By reimagining data protection, we now make the world of sensitive data safe.

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white paper

Data Harbor in a Storm: EU Recommends Supplemental Security Measures Offered by Calamu for Data in the Cloud.

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Calamu protects data in a fragmented, scattered state so breaches become meaningless.



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